Jenzi Russell



Jenzi Russell was born December 8, 1987 in Phoenix, AZ where he was raised amongst six other children; him being the youngest. Jenzi’s love for dance was quickly discovered at the mere age of 10 years old when he joined a well-known local dance group called Ghetto Government. While starting this rigorous career as a dancer, Jenzi soon realized that the art of teaching combined with his love for dance was his true passion after being asked by the director and main choreographer to be a leader of his dance team. Throughout his many seasons with Ghetto government, Jenzi perfected his art by performing and assistant choreographing in many shows around the valley such as the Martin Luther King Parades and halftime at the Phoenix Mercury Women’s basketball game. Jenzi also had the opportunity to travel and perform in California and Las Vegas; winning countless awards in talent shows and showcases throughout the valley. Shortly after his run with Ghetto Government Jenzi helped this group achieve the award of Best Dance Group of Arizona in 2010. As his love for choreography grew strong he then went off to creatively choreograph his first major performance with Baby T, a local artist at the Las Vegas Music awards in 2006.

After taking a brief break from the dance group who sparked his vision for dance—Ghetto Government, Jenzi decided to make a personal attempt at creating a name for himself around Arizona. In 2008, Jenzi joined forces with another strong vision dancer in creating their own dance crew called F.D.I.B (Females Do It Better) a female powerhouse who would be known for their fierce looks, sexy choreography, and technical moves that commanded their audience to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. FDIB performed at many events such as fashion shows, charity affairs, halftime basketball games, and various showcases throughout the valley, generating many fans and much attention. Within the few years of working with FDIB, Jenzi used this type of exposure to network, brand, and launch himself into the next level of his career—choreographing and creative directing for a variety of artists.

Recently, Jenzi has been extremely busy choreographing for a diverse group of clients ranging from R&B/Pop/Hip Hop artists to female impersonators. His outstanding choreography has been featured in live performances, music videos, and Miss Gay Phoenix and Arizona Pageants. Jenzi has recently expanded his craft, from not only choreographing and creative directing, but also taking on the role of an agent when he decided to book his own dancers individually for a variety of events around the valley. This decision produced an even bigger burst of attention and drew additional clients Jenzi’s way for potential business in the future.

Jenzi’s inspirations derive from the well-known superstar Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Lady Gaga just to name a few, implementing in every show the art of “performance,” and using this word as a fundamental brand incorporated and shaped around every routine. He also pulls major inspiration from world renowned choreographers such as Laurie Ann Gibson, Gil Duldulao, and Jamaica Craft. Jenzi’s passion and definitive objective for his lifetime career as a choreographer is to work with A-list artists/entertainers. However, when it’s all said and done Jenzi’s ultimate goal as a choreographer, creative director, agent, and teacher is to ensure in all of his partners, clients, and students that he will continue to remain a reputation of consistency when delivering quality work and executing the task of molding dancers into performers.

Jenzi has been working with Kreesha Turner as the Lead Choreographer for her 2011 Promo Tour and 2012 Tropic Electric Tour.

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